Friday, November 28, 2014

Geometric Friday

Snow painted the geometrics on the tree ... natures artwork!  I added a little color to make it more visable :)

Lori, have you put a spell on me?  Every time I post on your blog, it ends up being orange :)

Have a great weekend everyone,


  1. Wow.
    Your version looks like a trip into the mysteries of deep space...

  2. Nice texture and color rendition ♪

  3. The mystery for me is how on earth do you do these fantastic shots! Very interesting. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. What a strange serie !

    +1 for the graphical search...

  5. Lol:))!! I think I have put a spell on myself too.. every time I do something for Geometric Friday it ends up that is why I am using the same photo this week.. I saved the orange ones. Andrea you don't need any spells for your work...(i like the orange one though;) ) your work is so expressive..the only problem with that is ..your secrets come out;) As for the problem accessing is my fault (again)..from now on I will be careful about adding a tag to the that when you click on GM on the menu at the will be taken to the latest Geometric Friday. Also, About GM, has a list of former link ups.. I will try to keep that up to date. I am trying to simplify the way I do things (less explanation etc) ..because i seem to always rushing and running out of time. Hopefully I will make less mistakes from now on:) You see, am a a bit of an "old poop" now too;)!

  6. Looking for these kinds of patterns is great fun.

    As I was writing the Shingleback post I was thinking I should add more detail! Anyway, the lizard is about 12 inches or so long and is common enough over most of Southern Australia - so I never really expect to find them, but I'm not really surprised when I do! They flash their blue tongues out your when they get cross - but they guy was calm!!

    cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. I've heard of monkeys and elephants making paintings ---and now trees are creating art, too. We artists are soon going to be obsolete.
    How clever of you to notice that pattern in the tree. As someone else said, your final image does look like something from outerspace.

  8. Cool. That last one is awesome. It reminded me of lava spewing out.