Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mandarin Orange Monday


On our way to Kearney, Nebraska, we stopped at a wonderful Museum that had the history of early settlers of the west.  It is built in an Archway over Rt. 80 and right out front is a magnificent metal sculpture of a Buffalo.

I thought .... hmmmm. I see some orange in there (See what you have done to me Lori). Maybe I could enhance it :)

Not one to leave well enough alone, I tried a different technique. I am thinking, I like this ... I'll frame it and send it to MOM :)

Have a Wonderful Easter Everyone ... and here's hoping that at least some of your Easter Eggs are Orange ... =0


  1. Loved the framed buffalo. And no, none of my Easter treats are orange. I may have been robbed.

  2. have a great easter and we like the repetition and colour in your artwork,very appealing.

  3. What a gorgeous statue! I like the framed one the best, and I think you should frame it and hang it. The blue with the orange gives this fellow such character!

    I only got one egg and it was not orange. Even the candy wrappers were pink, purple and lime green. Oh well, they still tasted pretty good!

    I will be going home pretty soon. You have a beautiful day. Hugs, Edna B.

  4. I like that last one too. Sometimes you just gotta play with the photos and have fun with them!

  5. The last picture is wonderful. I love the blue in it :)

  6. Andrea I love what you did with that sculpture - the way you took a section and the progression to that last dramatic image! Those blues and turquoises are fantastic against the orange. And I like the way you emphasised the patterns. hmm... I am getting carried away ... maybe I could say "see what you have done to me too :))) "
    Thanks for sharing them on MoM and I hope you had a lovely Easter...with a touch of orange:)