Friday, October 12, 2012

Photo Art Friday

This weeks Photo Art Friday prompt is water.   Again, the hard part was deciding what not to do.  I live on and around all kinds of water, so I had a few choices. 
There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of water lapping up on a beach.  In this picture I used Bonnie's pdpa Blue Chiffon overlay, tweaked it a little in PSE and then went to FotoFlexor.  Here I used cross process, added the text and the frame.

There is nothing more scary than to be on turbulent water.  I brightened the picture up with PSE, used the Dry Brush filter, added pdpa Never Seen Before Texture @ 66%.  Then with a mask and the brush tool, brushed out the Seagull.  To FotoFlexor, cross process, text and frame.

 Another wonderful quality of water is reflection.  I added pdpa Never Seen Before @70%.  Using a mask and the brush tool, I brushed out the water lily reflection then brought through the Water Lily with the same brush tool only at 75%.

Can you imagine waking up to this site in the morning.  Fall is a wonderful time for mist.  I have so many wonderful soft misty pictures, but this has to be a favorite especially with the little lonely swan swimming through.  I didn't use an overlay on this one because it has so much texture on it's own.  I went to Pic Monkey and used the HDR filter which lifted some of the detail.  Then the frame.  I went back to FotoFlexor for the Text (Got hooked on that font for some reason :) 

Everyone at some point in their life has dealt with "the drip"  This drip forced me to get a new kitchen faucet, but not before I immortalized it with my camera.   I took the picture to PSE and ran it through filter effects until I got the ones I wanted.  I outlined each picture with a complementary color using Edit/Stroke. Next was the background which I created with a blank file, added a neutral color then used pdpa Antique Desk Pad Texture.  Placed the photos on the background then, yes, you guessed it ... went to FotoFlexor for the text.

Boy these weeks fly by fast.  Another fun prompt from Bonnie.  She sure gets the creative juices flowing ... Thanks Bonnie, see you next week:)


  1. I LOVE all the photos and treatments you have applied ... but that last one is GLORIOUS, Andrea. The tones, the softness, the composition ... just take me away. Thank you for sharing your artistry with Photo Art Friday!!

  2. Great job, Andrea! Those turned out nice!

  3. What a varied selection! I really like the first one with it's subtle tones and processing. But I also like the reflections with all the line patterns. My favourites are the little closeups at the end - beautiful!

  4. they are all very beautiful. I really like the second one from the bottom. The sky, the tree line and the wonderful reflection in the water - just perfect!

  5. they are all very beautiful. I really like the second one from the bottom. The sky, the tree line and the wonderful reflection in the water - just perfect!

  6. Love them all. And that lonely swan looked like our black ones. Thank you so much.
    Water is such a boon. I love it in all its moods (despite getting appallingly seasick).

  7. These are gorgeous. I think my favorite is the "Reflections". I have always wanted to live near the water. Maybe someday. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  8. How lucky you are to live near the ocean...I dream of that one day! Your water images are all lovely...I especially love the "mist-a-fy" one. Gorgeous! And your drip photo looks like an abstract painting after the processing - wonderful! Thank you for sharing and have a good weekend. :)

  9. These are each fascinating in their own way. I love how that happens. I can tell you had a LOT of fun and connected to this theme. I appreciate the info on Foto Flexer. I didn't know about that one and it looks fun and I can SEE how it works in your photos.

    Thank you, too, for your How I Did This. That is such a gift for someone still so new to this all.