Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Julie's Coffee Shop

Julie's Coffee Shop ... Again!
I have taken you to Julie's Coffee Shop before, but there is always another opportunity to visit Julie.  Today is a special event.  Julie is going to turn McGuffy Ann's Cast into  a piece of Art.  It is just fun to be with Julie because she is such a delight, but she is also a kind, giving person and when we asked if she could paint Annie's cast, she was excited to do it.  We had no idea how awesome it would be.  She makes it look so easy and yet the end result is ... pure talent.  Watch in  and enjoy ...

Annie knew she wanted something from Arizona, but they discussed the possibilities.  Annie asked if she could do the Shaman statue (the Ascension of the Shaman)
in the Mayo Gardens that she had fallen in love with ... had a spiritual connection with.   It represented the Native American beliefs on spiritual transition ... she was, to Annie, a symbol of the changes she was having to go through to regain her ability to walk.   Julie didn't flinch ... she looked at pictures and started right in.

The canvas (cast)

Other customers came over to see what we were doing that was so much fun ...

All done, right ... not a chance.  A few more finishing touches and ...

Voila ... the finished Product.  Fabulous!!!
Thank you Julie ... you are the best!


  1. Awesome post! Thank you for being such an integral part of all of this!

  2. That is truly incredible. Thank you for showing us the artist and work. And what an amazing piece of work it is. Wow.

  3. This is my second comment!
    I hadn't realized you were taking photos. This was a great idea, and fun. It really makes me feel somehow safe with her on my cast. Thanks for being part of all of this. And I am thankful for Julie and her kindness & beauty.

  4. Girls! This is awesome! I am so excited about this and all of your great posts! Thanks for asking me to paint the cast and thanks for taking all the pics! We are CUTE! Hhahahhahhaaa... You both made my morning.



  5. Having seen the beautiful result of this project on McGuffy Ann's blog, it was really fun to come here and see the process. It does indeed look like you were all having fun, transforming something cumbersome into a work of beauty, inspiration and joy. I love it! I wish everyone with a cast could have a bit of artwork done on it! :-)