Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Book Store

A Trip To the Book Store

It was a week ago today when McGuffy Ann and I headed out to the book store.  Kind of a last fling before she had to leave for Arizona.  Going to a bookstore with McGuffy Ann is like taking a kid to a Candy Shop. 

This is a special Book Store because they buy books from you and then you can spend your money on new books ... so it feels like free.  And don't let anyone tell you different, Free is good.

Annie doesn't do anything in a small way.  Three boxes of books ... All the more to buy new books with, my dear!

We needed help all right ... we each had three boxes.  I was bringing all of the old Scooby Doo VHS movies I had accumulated while my Granddaughter was growing up.

We brought our boxes to the counter and they figured out what they would pay us while we browse the isle after isle of books.

We finally left, each with a little bag of books and some cash burning holes in our pocket.  So, of course, it was out to lunch.  Max's Deli was so full we couldn't get through the front door so we headed over to Panera Bread.  A great place to eat with good coffee and even better ice green tea.

Lunch was delicious and while we were there we plotted our next venture ... actually I plotted our next venture. 

Close by there is a "Garden Fresh Market".  They have every kind of fruit and vegetable you can imagine ...

But best of all, they are the only store that carries Picante Clamato Juice.
Oh, to die for :)

We checked out with not one, but two Picante Clamatos and headed for home.
I saved this story for today because McGuffy Ann is in Arizona awaiting her surgery day (next Wednesday) and it feels good to relive some fun moments with my friend who is missing in action. 
Be well, Annie, I will see you soon.


  1. Love this post! I salivate just looking at all those books to be read. One of my favorite places is old book stores whenever I find them. Great blog. I added you to my sidebar. :)